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Robert Montgomery


Robert Montgomery

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I want a girl who I can sit with on the rooftop of the frozen yogurt place and steal the frozen yogurt with and go to jail with

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The girl who he shouldn’t have loved

I am sorry I know you want to protect her and save her and make her feel not alone. And I know you don’t want to hurt her. I know you don’t want to get angry at her. I know you’re not gonna say what you feel. I know you’re gonna be there for her even though it bothers you. I know you’re not gonna confront her about this.
But I am.
Fuck you for cheating on him, fuck you for using him as a “control group” to hold and compare results from your “experimental group” up to. Fuck you for treating him like an experiment and fuck you for being unethical about it.
Fuck you for giving him hope for weeks and weeks and weeks and then leaving him
Fuck you for leaving him the first time
Fuck you for being rude to his friends, for saying they were shallow.
We are human, above all. We are not going to be talking about politics and feminism and equality every waking second. That does not mean we do not care. That does not make us lesser than you.
We are human and he is human and blood runs through our veins and we feel pain and abandonment and hollow-chestedness and gasping for breath like a butterfly with broken rings gasps to stay aflight.
You’re the lesser one.
I hope your veins feel like sandpaper. I hope your throat never stops hurting. I hope you always have splinters under your nails.

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